10891 Eljas (CÁCERES) España
Tlf: (+ 34) 696 714 292
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"As Pontis" Olive Oil Mill


Nowadays, Almazara 'As Pontis' is one of the most advanced oil factory with milling technology in Spain. The milling machinery consists of two horizontal mixers, each one with three independient departments (innovative milling machine in Europe).


Decantation is carried out with decanter of two phases what allow lower water consumption.


Due to RESPECT TO ENVIRONMENT as very important target, our mill plant does not generate waste materials. The different products in the production process are:

  • Pomace: it is transported to olive-pomace extraction factory where is processed.
  • Olive pit: : it is used like raw material in our bio-mass boiler.
  • Sewage water and "alpechin": thery are processed in our sewage treatment plant, using the clean water to wash the olives and sewage sludge that is dried and used like fertilizer in our olive grove.



Nowadays, our facilities are one of the most modern in Spain and the most modern in our region, Extremadura. All machinery and circuit necessary to produce our olive oil is made with stainless steel in order to all production process is in peak hygienic conditions.


Besides, to respect the environment we have a bio-mass boiler and sewage treatment plant that dispose of 100% waste materials, converting them in other reusable products.